Creating Resumes that Get Found

Creating Resumes that Get Found

How to get job opportunities that come to YOU.

Resume writing is always top of mind for jobseekers, and with good reason. Without a compelling, updated resume, your chances of landing the perfect job are almost nil. Last post detailed essential resume components, and key tips for resume writing. Now, it’s time to reap the rewards of writing that brilliant resume!

Step One  Create a account, if you don’t already have one. 3 reasons you should: Monster is still a leading job recruitment site/service. Monster has many updated benefits for its members that are well worth the sign-up, and it has an excellent track record of maintaining its massive, searchable database.

Step Two  Upload your resume to your Monster account. *IMPORTANT* Your MS Word resume will loose much of its formatting after upload. Use the “editing tools” found under the Edit tab on Monster to get rid of any/all goobley-gook.

Step Three  Fill-in your Profile and User information completely, making sure to drop your “ideal position” keywords wherever you can on the site. This step is crucial to getting found by recruiters and employers interested in your talents.

Your Monster account profile is also useful because it allows the service to offer custom tailored offerings of professional interest to you whenever you logon. Barring the University programs ads and offers, (unless you need to get a degree) the site offers a ton of free networking groups, targeted career and professional information content, and e-learning courses offered by Monster itself –some of which are also FREE!

You can take advantage of all these offerings while you await those application invitations to start showing up in your Inbox. You can make it happen. Remember to focus on putting your best foot forward, and as always, good luck!