It’s hiring season: are you ready?

It’s hiring season: are you ready?

Amplify your resume and job-hunt for fall.

According to, September begins the hiring season for the majority of U.S. employers, which lasts in earnest through Thanksgiving.

If you’ve been job-hunting without success for a while, now is the time to get re-charged in your efforts, re-examine what you have to offer employers, and pay close attention to how you are presenting this information professionally.

Companies needing new workers next year begin ramping up their recruitment now, and if you want strong consideration by the best employers and positions, you’ll need to look at your current resume, professional profiles on LinkedIn, and others, and your standing with references.

Resume Refresher and Guidelines

Start by ensuring your resume contains the most up-to-date portrayal of your professional activities and experiences. Ideally, you’ve been doing much to stay engaged with your profession while unemployed, like certification course work, Continuing Education, seminars, networking events, freelance work, volunteering, or learning new software and technology.

If not, start now. List all relevant efforts under the appropriate resume sections such as “Certifications” and “Education.” Even if you haven’t yet completed the course or independent work, list it as current.

Next, you’ll want to update your online profiles in a similar fashion. One word of caution for LinkedIn users: don’t flood your connections with recruiters. If you have a network of 20 direct connections, ensure no more than two or three are recruiters. Too many recruiters in your network is a sign of desperation, and sends the wrong signal to recruiters in general.

Giving your resume a strong, fresh outlook is important this time of year, and the dividends will pay off if you take the time and give your resume the careful consideration it deserves.

More guidelines for sprucing up your resume during this hiring cycle to come. Until then, remember to focus on putting your best foot forward and as always, good luck!