More new jobs coming to Nevada

More new jobs coming to Nevada

Nearly 600 new jobs are heading your way

JOBS UPDATE: Several more companies have joined the growing trend of relocating to Nevada, and will bring with them new jobs and career opportunities that may be just right for you. Vegas Inc. reports on the growing list of companies that are finding the business environment in Nevada irresistibly appealing, and have applied for economic incentive packages from the state’s Economic Development Commission.

Here’s a rundown on the latest companies coming your way:

Ameriprise Financial Inc. – This Minneapolis-based financial services company is growing its business by adding a western division, and will move into a building on Pilot Road in Las Vegas with plans to expand to a second building and to launch a full service call center. They list around 307 positions for hire.

BrightPoint Inc. – The California lighting company has plans for a manufacturing and distribution center in Southern Nevada, and will need to hire 79 people at the outset.

LED Solar Green Energy Technology –Already based in Las Vegas, the company plans to train 29 new hires in its energy conservation business.

DayDra Holdings Group – This privately held management and consulting firm is planning headquarters in downtown Las Vegas, and will hire 55 employees.

Patriot Precision Ammunition – This Illinois-based company is relocating its headquarters to Southern Nevada, and also owns DayDra Holdings. The company’s chairman says it will operate three manufacturing shifts producing its specialized ammunitions and expects to hire 37 people.

Getting Hired

The early bird catches the job, so to speak. If any of these companies are in your desired job segment, you should start preparing now so you’ll be on their hiring radar screen when the light changes to green, or “go.”

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