Refresh your resume for hiring season

Refresh your resume for hiring season

Believe it or not, the hiring season is upon us.

With a dreary economy still in front of us, and dismal job gains fresh in our minds, it may be hard to grasp the notion of a “hiring season” here in Las Vegas, Nevada, or anywhere. But the reality is that any employer hoping their growth projections will make good and continue through next year is actually on the hunt for fresh talent now. If you want to be in that pool of considered talent, now’s the time to ramp up your job-seeking efforts.

September, October and November (through Thanksgiving) are widely accepted as the hiring months for most growing companies, and you’d be wise to start getting your over-hauled resume out there. Resume revamping can be an arduous task if you don’t have a game plan, feel uninspired, or just don’t know where to begin. To address these issues, Las Vegas Job Market offers specific, real-world and practical solutions.

Reader Tip: Don’t assume your bookmarks, Internet connection and hard drive will always be there. Write the following information important to your job search down for future reference.


As posted last week, the first order of business is to update your resume. Consider any/all professional activities you have undertaken or completed since the last rendition of your resume. Note: Keep it industry-related. Your attendance at a Job Connect/DET workshop is not resume-worthy. An enterprise hosted online webinar on leadership skills in your industry is.

Play-up the work you have taken while looking for your ideal job. You should study your preferred industry and position(s) for the best ways to spin your recent work activity. This can be tricky when posting your resume to online job sites like Monster, Career Builder and Indeed. It’s hard to know what may resonate with employers that search for you, and how best to present that work on your searchable resume.


That said, it’s a considerable advantage to any job seeker to have the employer come to you. As a Nevadan, you’ll do well by posting to two national sites, plus Nevada’s JobConnect site. Need some inspiration and guiding words to help tie it all together?

Consider these resume buzzwords as compiled by Nevada Job Connect resumes and employer postings from their 2011 database and get amped about your resume revamp:

Strategic planning |  Performance and productivity improvement

Organizational design |  Infrastructure   | New Media                   

Internet    | E-commerce    |   Change Management

Team building  |     Leadership  | Product positioning

Competitive market  | Investor and board relations   

Oral and written communications | Developed

Problem solving and decision-making   

Project management  |    Customer retention

Business development  |  Corporate vision

Long-range planning   |   Cost reduction

Trending words like these found on resumes and job listings are not meant as an end game; rather, they are listed in order to give you motivation and some positive, guiding words of wisdom. Until next time, remember to focus on putting your best foot forward and as always, good luck!