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Vegas Unemployment Rate Possibly on the Mend

A lovely friend of mine who lives in Las Vegas has told me how hard the jobs have been hit there. She works for a private company, not one of the “Strip” joints (pun not intended!), but she says that everyone is suffering since the city depends on tourism to bring in money, no matter the business. And with so many entertainment venues seeing a decrease in tourism, it’s spreading out to the other businesses as well.

It looks like the city might be getting some job growth, however, as the jobless rate is the lowest it’s been in a year right now. And the city has added jobs for the first time in a three year period, which could be a good sign indicating that the unemployment rate may just be on the mend. More than 10,000 jobs have increased so far, as of March.

In February, the unemployment rate was a whopping 13.6 percent, which is just so sad—here I was thinking the 11% rate in my own county was bad. The added jobs have made the rate sink to 13.2 percent, which isn’t much lower, but hey, it’s a start. And if my husband and I ever get around to renewing our vows by a creature (I’m so hoping for Yoda), we’ll be sure to bring a little business with us, too.