October 2011

New Jobs Coming to Las Vegas

UPDATE: APAC Customer Services, Inc. to hire 300 CS Associates

Outsourcing specialist APAC Customer Services has announced it will bring 300 new jobs into Las Vegas at a facility to be finalized by year’s end. The company provides outsourcing for its corporate clients such as Medco Health Solutions –the state’s second largest employer.

According to the press release, Medco asked APAC to bring the customer service jobs back to the U.S., a trend often described as “in-shoring,” but no further explanation was available as to why APAC’s Pilipino workforce lost these positions.

While 300 is not a large number in the scheme of Nevada unemployment, it still represents jobs added to the economy, and reflects confidence in Las Vegas workers being highly skilled in customer service areas. Hiring will begin in earnest starting in January, but APAC is already looking for recruiting and training specialists to hit the ground running.

Visit the job locator page, leave all other drop-down selections to the default “All,” and select US –Nevada under “location” to learn application details for immediate positions.

Finding New Jobs through Networking

As discussed in the last post, customer service professionals –and all other jobseekers, would do well to join LinkedIn for a number of reasons. Online networking has big rewards for those willing to put in the time to enhance their career profiles and gain access to new jobs.

LinkedIn has a jobs board where recruiters and companies post openings. However, a good portion of these positions will also be recruited elsewhere. Whether or not a company chooses LinkedIn as a first source is an unknown factor. But it’s a safe bet that all hiring professionals will prefer a candidate who tells a complete, descriptive story about their credentials and experience over one who does not.

Jobs and Networking in Las Vegas


UPDATE: New Jobs in Las Vegas

As reported last week, the Coast-to-Coast Career Fair taking place on Tuesday, Oct. 18th, has released the list of companies that will be attending. For those of you who registered, check your email for the update. A few of the companies that are hiring include: Diamond Resorts, Gaylord Security, Country Financial, the Transportation Security Administration, and Verizon Wireless.

In addition, Coast-to-Coast recommends attendees bring at least 30 resumes. More good news for the Silver State: New jobs are coming to Las Vegas as fast-growing company Tiecoon.com relocates its operations and headquarters from California to Nevada.