November 2011

Successful Job Application

Do your written skills pass the test?

JOBS UPDATE: Las Vegas JobConnect office finds over 500 new jobs


In case you didn't catch the 5-O’clock news, the Carson City JobConnect office recently wrapped-up their “Job Quest” campaign wherein representatives of the agency went door-to-door to area employers inquiring about job openings. The 'quest' was successful, uncovering 521 new jobs in surrounding Las Vegas communities.

Maximizing Your Online Job Search


Everyone knows by now that the largest job search engine is, the online search engine dedicated to job listings that has, according to Wikipedia, surpassed to take the national lead as top dog in job search engine land as of October 2010.

But you may be relying on Indeed's vertical job search engine to a fault, and missing out on some suitable listings as a result. For example, an hour's worth of research on Las Vegas, Nevada jobs revealed a few oversights from the job search engine giant in the service sector.