December 2011

Building Relationships and References

Line-up business references now.

Your job seeking efforts will likely hit a brick wall if you do not offer current business references to your potential employer. Verifying your past work history via those who have seen you in action is a standard and vital part of the employment process. Most companies will ask for, and likely try to contact, at least two or three professional references.

5 Interview Tips for the Digital Age

Job candidates gaining the digital advantage ...

Obtaining leads and finding new job openings online isn't the only way to harness the power of the digital age into your job-seeking efforts. You can also utilize some targeted technology to help you ace the interview, once you get it. Try these tips to polish your interviewing skills, and to gain advantages over the competition.

Flatter and Mimic   This tip does not entail verbal praise of the company during the interview (something your cover letter should have subtly accomplished.) Flattery through mimicry is a powerfully suggestive tool, and subconsciously lets your interviewer know you're ready to join the team.

Instead of saying you admire and respect the company, show that you do by dressing for the job. Coming to the interview dressed in company colors and attire will send a positive message to your prospective employer. Run an internet search on the company to view staff pictures, then assemble or purchase interview clothing that mimics the colors worn by employees.