January 2012

New Jobs Coming to Nevada

How you can prepare

The state’s unemployment rate dropped by half a percent last month, and analysts are hopeful the trend will continue as the economy begins to make inroads toward recovery. More good news for Nevadans: New customer service jobs are coming to the state when CFS II expands its operations from Oklahoma to Nevada in March of this year.

The company’s CEO is reported to be looking at property in Las Vegas, and said CFS II will initially hire 500 workers to operate the debt collection services his company offers. Positions will offer great health insurance and other benefits, and will pay well, reports Chanel 2 News. The company also expects to ramp up operations by another 2,000 positions within 3 years.

A quick visit to the CFS II website reveals a family-run company with a unique twist on debt collection: “Be nice to people … treat customers with dignity and respect.”

Back to Work, or Back to School?

Why you should consider building skills in a down economy.

Every once in a while, life hands you a golden opportunity that you may pass by simply because you don’t recognize it. If you are unemployed and have always wanted to go back to school for either advanced training or a new career, life may be knocking at your door with such an opportunity.

It is possible to be actively seeking employment while also taking classes, which may be a requirement if you are receiving unemployment compensation. The opportunity is even more plausible if you consider an online learning program. Whether or not you can afford the opportunity is another issue that requires careful consideration.

However, if you have the support of the people in your life, now may be the best time to borrow money or take out a student loan. Why? According to many financial analysts, the economy will soon be entering inflationary times. When this occurs, the dollar will have less purchasing power, essentially making it less valuable. If you borrow now, you will be repaying the debt with cheaper dollars.

Of course, this is based on speculation, and any decision to borrow and take on debt should be made in the context of your personal situation and financial capacity. But the heaviest weight should be given to the career advancement and employment opportunities that a degree can provide.

With that in mind, more good news comes from data projections given by the federal government indicating that jobs requiring an Associate’s Degree will be the fastest growing when compared among positions requiring all other forms of higher degrees. This means you can cut your education bill and efforts in half without sacrificing employment results.