April 2012

Early Bird Job Opportunities

New jobs coming to Northern Nevada

JOBS UPDATE: Now Foods hiring at Sparks, NV Facility

Vitamin and supplement maker Now Foods will soon begin recruiting in earnest for its new Vista Boulevard facility in Sparks, Nevada, reports Channel 2 News. The first wave of hires will be around 100 new full-time jobs ranging from manufacturing and plant operations to chemists, microbiologists and recruiters.

The company has been so pleased with the business environment surrounding its new digs; it says it will move up its operational plans for early June. Now Foods has a detailed website you should bookmark and explore –especially the Sparks hiring page.

The company is planning a job fair to accommodate its workforce needs, and says it will post job fair dates and details on the page as soon as they are finalized. If you have plant experience, Now Foods invites you to send your resume by e-mail now; you should also indicate which shifts you are available for.

However, initial positions now open are for a plant mechanic (split shift), HR Generalist, R&D Manager (1st shift), and Picker (2nd shift).

Include an introduction in the body of your e-mail that acts as your cover letter, then attach your resume in PDF form. First, familiarize yourself with company goals and culture by heading over to its NOW University page. Take a free course there, and then incorporate in one or two sentences of what you learn of the company’s core values in your introduction.

Don’t forget to incorporate how your experience, values and goals match those of the company.

Your Resume: Special Solutions Series

How to transition from the military to the workforce, on paper.

Writing an effective resume is both a science and an art. Fortunately, for most jobseekers, there’s a mountain of expert help and advice to be had at the click of a button, and nowhere is that expert help needed more than in the Las Vegas, Nevada job market right now.

However, there are specific conditions relating to the job search for which a plentitude of advice is not so easily found, mainly because the majority does not experience the conditions. One such scenario occurs for a member of the military who has recently completed his or her duties, and is released back into the regular workforce.

The good news is that there’s lots of good news! No longer is the transition from military duty to workforce employment  a period earmarked by the phrase “insurmountable task.” There are several solid reasons behind this positive evolution, but the top two cover the broadest scope of candidates.

How to write a stellar cover letter

Tips on adding personality and relevance

Writing your resume to showcase your unique set of skills and experiences is one thing, but for many job seekers, the process of narrating a cover letter is a daunting task fraught with self-doubt and confusion.

Writing a cover letter tends to elicit anxiety because it is a more personal form of communication. The letter must compel the hiring agent to take that next step: read your resume. Therefore, the importance of the cover letter is essential to a potential job offer. 

As you may have already discovered, some employers will not require a cover letter, some will, and still others will leave it as optional. With the obvious exception of the first instance, you should always include a cover letter with your resume and application. Here’s why:

Next Las Vegas job fair heading your way

Mark your calendar and register now.

The next Las Vegas Job Fair will take place on April 23 from 11-2 p.m. at Texas Station located at 2101 Texas Star Lane in North Las Vegas. Interested job seekers should register now for admittance. The job fair is hosted by Coast to Coast Career Fairs, and as before, will e-mail registrants with a full list of attending companies five days before the fair.

New this time around is Coast to Coast’s partnership with GetInterviews, a certified professional resume writing company that will be onsite and available to anyone seeking professional resume services. GetInterviews will offer free resume reviews to those interested.

For those who attended the Northern Nevada Job Fair today, kudos! Of course, you remembered to dress for the role by incorporating company colors into your attire where applicable, and had 20 – 30 resumes on hand. If you missed it, the Coast to Coast job fair is your next opportunity to get your foot in the door.