June 2012

Nevadans love apples: Reno, Nevada getting Apple Inc.

New Apple Inc. jobs coming to Reno early as August


Here’s some great news on the job creation front for Nevadans: Apple Inc. is coming to Reno-Sparks Nevada, and bringing with it 800 new jobs! According to reports from the Reno Gazette-Journal and News4, the tech giant plans to start building its newest data center in Reno Technology Park as early as this August.

One catch  The only remaining possible barrier to the project breaking ground is a “no-vote” by the Washoe County School Board who must sign-off on the deal to make it official. It seems unlikely they will block the proposal.

Apple will need to hire approximately 500 construction workers to build the center. Once completed, the company says it will need to employ around 250 permanent support workers and/or contractors, including 35+ staff employees like engineers and big-data specialists.

Growing careers in Las Vegas and Nevada

How to position your skill set for a prosperous career

While job security in America may no longer exist as it did in the ‘50s and ‘60s, there are still strategies you can implement to ensure a growing and prosperous career, even here in the Silver State.

A new article in the Las Vegas Review-Journal demonstrates one of the best employment strategies you can take today: Positioning for a career in a growth sector of the local economy. Think there are no such sectors?

Head over to the paper and read their report on 10 growing occupations in Nevada. Coming in at number one is dental assistant, with an expected growth rate in Nevada of 34 percent through 2018. Not surprisingly, medical assistant runs a close second, at 33.8 percent rate of growth.

There is also good news in the fields of post-secondary education, massage therapy, radio, cell and tower installers and wireless tech workers, education specialists and aides, fitness trainers, animal caretakers/veterinarians, Orthotists and prosthetists, aerospace engineering and operations technicians.