July 2012

Strategic career alignment

How Nevadans can realign skills for technology sector

Last week’s post discussed Nevada’s emerging hi-tech hub in Reno. The potential for the area to continue attracting big-data tech companies is real, and that’s really good news for Nevadans across the board. Not only will this trend help develop the state’s waning economy in a big way by pumping life into the service and real estate sectors, it will also begin a growing demand for workers who are trained in technology fields.

But the technology sector is a hugely diverse segment of the economy, and knowing which fields will need immediate positions is a daunting task of educated guesswork. However, there are a few safe assumptions you can make as you gear-up to assess your current skills, and realign them toward a career in Internet technology.

First, both corporations locating in Reno –Apple, Inc and NJVC –are installing data centers to the area. This means anyone with database or data networks skills will be immediately sought for hire. And, with the success of these companies here, more data centers will likely come to Reno in the future.

Nevada positioned to be next big tech-hub

New hi-tech companies are choosing epicenters in NV

A new trend that seems to be gaining momentum in the Silver State is shaping up to be great news for employment rates and Nevada’s economy: Hi-tech companies choosing to locate their core operational facilities in the state.

NJVC is a technology services provider. Its new data center will be located   in South Reno, bringing with it 20 new high-paying, high-tech jobs, according to a recent report by KOLO TV. Governor Sandoval says this company’s choice to make Nevada its primary location along with Apple, Inc means the state is primed to become the next big high-tech hub.

"We have the entire package right here so when other companies are looking out here and they see a company like NJVC and Apple and if it's good enough for them, they'll probably think: It's good enough for our company as well,” says Governor Sandoval. 

And, he’s right. NJVC says it hopes to have the data center up and running by mid-August. Computer and tech giant Apple Inc. brings its data centers to Reno also beginning in August.

So, what makes Reno, Nevada so attractive to such big-data, high-tech companies? A couple of things.

Finding jobs in Nevada

Timeliness is everything.

Where do you go to find the latest job openings in and around Las Vegas, Nevada? The world wide web, or your local newspaper? If you answered the web, congrats! You’re definitely on the best path to employment. But it’s no breaking story that Nevada’s economy was hit hardest by the Great Recession, and if you are among the thousands of job seekers here, you really need every edge you can get.

To hone in on the best web resources for your job search, it’s essential to concentrate on your main goal. For example, if you are transitioning careers and/or trying to build your experience and skill sets, you may be hungry for intern or freelance work.

In that case, the best place on the Net to find timely, relevant opportunities in Nevada is Craigslist.org. Specifically, head over to lasvegas.craigslist.org and sign onto the “Jobs” feeds in your categories to have timely opportunities delivered to your browser’s bookmarks as they are posted.

Nine-to-five seekers need to get a bit more savvy than Craigslist, however. You already know how to lookup your top five desired companies, research their corporate history and culture, and peruse current career opportunities from their websites.

But what you may not know is that many corporate/company websites do not treat their sites as the primary source when recruiting. Where are they listing the most current positions on the web? LinkedIn and Twitter.

In fact, even small businesses use Twitter as a favored tool for broadcasting their Help Wanted needs. These smart employers know that Twitter is a great social networking community filled with inquisitive, creative, tech-savvy people in the know, and that makes it fertile ground for attracting the best candidates.

Plus, Twitter is a free and easy tool for employers and recruiters to use, and every Tweet is broadcast in real-time to all users, making it the timeliest resource available to job seekers in Nevada, or anywhere.

If you haven’t signed up for a Twitter account yet, you should do so ASAP!

Here are the latest positions found on the social web for Nevada job seekers: