August 2012

Jobs coming to Las Vegas, Nevada

Job market update

New jobs are coming to Northern Nevada by way of a biofuels plant scheduled for construction in the next two years, according to KOLO TV. The plant’s manufacturer, Sierra BioFuels, will convert 147,000 metric tons of municipal solid waste into 10 million gallons of ethanol annually.

Completion of the new plant at the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center is expected by 2015 and the plant will add 53 permanent new jobs. Construction jobs for the plant are estimated at 430.


A promising new jobs website popular among Nevada recruiters can be found at Jobs in sales, IT, programming, and medical services are most popular.

Here is a rundown of current positions posted across the web:

What it means to be a big data hub

New tech companies in Reno, Nevada

Silicon Valley is best known as the area where emerging technologies in programming languages and computing applications meet-up with big money.

The brightest minds in computer technology converged upon the area because Stanford University was among the first institutions to understand the importance of computer programming, and vigorously promoted and nurtured the course of study.

Investors and venture capitalists soon followed, and today, the area is still primed with innovators, high-tech startups, and money. According to Wikipedia, Silicon Valley accounted for 41 percent of all U.S. venture capital investments in 2011.

Enter Reno, Nevada. In 2012, the Biggest Little City in the World snagged two major players in the high-tech computing world: Apple Inc. and NJVC. The companies will build data centers –often called “hubs” in northern Reno. And, if all goes well, there’s plenty of reason to indicate that Reno, Nevada could be the next high-tech Mecca.