October 2012

Refresh your resume for hiring season

Believe it or not, the hiring season is upon us.

With a dreary economy still in front of us, and dismal job gains fresh in our minds, it may be hard to grasp the notion of a “hiring season” here in Las Vegas, Nevada, or anywhere. But the reality is that any employer hoping their growth projections will make good and continue through next year is actually on the hunt for fresh talent now.

It’s hiring season: are you ready?

Amplify your resume and job-hunt for fall.

According to Monster.com, September begins the hiring season for the majority of U.S. employers, which lasts in earnest through Thanksgiving.

If you’ve been job-hunting without success for a while, now is the time to get re-charged in your efforts, re-examine what you have to offer employers, and pay close attention to how you are presenting this information professionally.

Companies needing new workers next year begin ramping up their recruitment now, and if you want strong consideration by the best employers and positions, you’ll need to look at your current resume, professional profiles on LinkedIn, Monster.com and others, and your standing with references.