November 2012

Personal communications and your elevator pitch

Build your personal pitch, professional network and career prospects.

Extending this series on personal communications was a no-brainer for two primary reasons: First, many professionals are lacking in personal communication skills. Second, knowing what to say and how best to say it is vital to your job search and to furthering your career.

That said, let’s review the takeaways from the posts in this series thus far.

Two overlooked but extremely helpful job hunting tools

Get creative, use personal communications and find job leads.

Getting creative in your job search may be the answer for more job seekers, especially in this economy. From crafty cover letters that mock press releases to humorous social media ads, people in the job market these days have found some successes in thinking outside the box.

While the above-mentioned tactics may be calculated risks that have worked for some in creative industries such as advertising or marketing, most potential candidates will need to find less drastic means of getting their foot in the door. Here are two largely overlooked, creative ways of getting from on-the-hunt to on-the-job.